Fileice Bypasser Downloader 2014

This tool features an easy and quick way bypass surveys. It even works for countries that couldn’t download from surveys websites before!
With using it I could download my file very quickly without anything more than insert the url and click the button. By the way ..I used hotspot shield too to hide my ip it was recommended.

Survey Bypasser

1: Download the Survey Bypasser, using the download link above.
2: Open the bypasser.
3: (IMPORTANT) Navigate to the survey site, and press “download.” Make sure the survey list appears.
4: Copy the URL of the survey site, and paste it into the generator.
5: Press “Bypass” and wait a few seconds.Click ”Open new Link” and new web page will open with the download.
6: Download your file, and enjoy!

Download and Instructions Below


8 comments to Fileice Bypasser Downloader 2014

  • twfbrnf  says:

    i love this

  • Orion2.0  says:


  • dash hunter  says:

    cool man cool

  • martynas  says:


  • soban  says:


  • Annas maqsood  says:

    it really works awsome

  • qasedd  says:


  • George Dothers  says:

    I am downloading from fileice with this tool, but could you make it more faster cause it has an slow speed when downloading !

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